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Stephanie I Byerly MD

 The Physician Healer

I help women physicians get joy back in their personal and professional lives so they don't have to leave medicine.


Your Life Coach

Rekindle your Passion. 

The number one complaint of my clients is that they have professional burnout and are growing to resent their jobs. This usually creates deep unhappiness in their personal lives too. Through Life Coaching, I help them to heal burnout and reconnect with why they became a doctor in the first place. 

Reclaim your Time.

My clients are busy women who are often stretched way too thin. When they Life Coach with me, they learn how to set clear, firm boundaries in their relationships. This means they get back precious time in both their personal and professional lives to spend on the things they really love. 




Rediscover You.

Becoming a physician is a long, difficult journey, and the environment can often be hostile. In such an all-encompassing and competitive field, it's easy to lose yourself. Life Coaching with me will help you to get back to your roots as a person. Together, we will zoom in on what it is that truly makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

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I can help you. 


Hey, I'm Stephanie.

I am an anesthesiologist and Certified Life Coach. Since I can remember, I always wanted to become a physician. In my innocent mind, I believed I would have a wonderful career and personal life. But a lot of the time, life isn't what we expect, and I soon found myself as a single mom of two beautiful daughters, and in a demanding career that led to a serious case of burnout. I pulled myself out of it, but my experience led me to want to help other physicians who are going through the same thing. 

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"I recently had the pleasure of working with Stephanie. When I started to have some issues with a move to a new house in the middle of the pandemic and dealing with some emotional and health issues, a friend had recommended that I speak with her. 

She was amazing. Very easy to talk to. Responded to me right away to make an appointment and always made sure I understood what she was trying to help me with. When I got stuck on my thoughts she gave me ideas and tools to learn how to think differently. It really helped me figure out how to deal with my problems 

I realize this is a process but Stephanie is a wonderful guide on the journey. She really has made a difference in my life."



Lisa M.

"I have worked with Stephanie for over 4 months and am so impressed with her ability to teach me how to acknowledge and change certain behavior patterns that have held me back from greater fulfillment. 

Her strategies allow me to visualize goals and work slowly to attain them with ease and happiness.  She has given me tools to work on deleting negative thought patterns and be proud and confident of each obstacle that I have overcome. 

Stephanie is very knowledgable, positive, thoughtful, enthusiastic and experienced and I am so blessed to have her in my life!"


Deborah Bradley, MD

"Working with Stephanie has been life-changing.  I found myself mid-career, feeling burned out and questioning how I was going to continue doing what I was doing for another 15-20 years.  I was exhausted and felt stuck.  These feelings were affecting all parts of my life.  Through my work with Stephanie, I have learned a new approach to myself which has been transforming.  I now feel empowered and excited about my future.  I wish I would have learned about physician life coaching much earlier in my career."

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If you're like me, you like making decisions that are backed up by sound research and science. To read more about the evidence-based justification for physician coaching, click here.

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