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Stephanie I. Byerly, MD

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Certified Life Coach

Certified Mind Body Medicine Coach 


I am an anesthesiologist and Certified Life Coach. I was raised in a divorced family and I experienced many forms of trauma during my childhood and teenage years.   From my earliest memories as a child  I always wanted to become a physician.   In my innocent mind I believed I would have a wonderful career and personal life.  I believed in a "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow," meaning the fairytale life.


I married another physician and had two beautiful daughters.  Shortly after moving after training and beginning my career as an academic anesthesiologist, my marriage began to fail and ended in divorce.  I was a single mother and financially responsible for my daughters.  Between my personal life and challenging career, I suffered a major episode of burnout. I did not know if I could continue in medicine and I knew I had to do something to pull myself out of the burnout.  


I found a way out of the burnout and I understood I had to find the peace, joy, and happiness I wanted in my life.  


Becoming a Life Coach has changed my life in unbelievable ways and has provided me the tools to impact the LIVES of others and especially women physicians by showing them a way out of “survival mode” to a life of personal fulfillment, joy, happiness, and realizing they are “enough just the way they are.” I look forward to working together to help achieve the life you have dreamed of and have earned.


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