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Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I am Dr. Stephanie Byerly, and I am an academic anesthesiologist, Certified Life Coach, and published author. I help women physicians take back control of their lives. 

Having worked in the medical profession for 30 years, I know first-hand the burden that women face as they navigate the challenges of working in a demanding, competitive and patriarchal field. I want them to rekindle their feelings of joy and fulfilment in both their personal and professional life so that they don’t have to leave medicine. The medical profession cannot afford to lose any more amazing women! 

I have experienced many challenges in my own life: childhood trauma, divorce, becoming a single parent, dealing with the addiction of a loved one, and physician burnout. I hit my rock bottom and embarked on a journey of self-healing.  This has been a long journey, but definitely the most important and fulfilling of my life, and it is still ongoing. My journey has led me to want to help women who are dealing with trauma in their own lives, and I have undertaken specialist training to help me support these women in my coaching practices. 


A lot of women are burnt out from working in high-pressure and high-stress environments or simply from existing in a patriarchal world that places heavy expectations on them. I am passionate about helping these women step into their power and take up space in the world.  I am a champion of gender equity, wellness, and mind-body medicine.


I am a fierce advocate for wellness for physicians, and I have a special interest and training in working with women physicians.  I published an article entitled “Female Physician Wellness:  Are our Expectations of Ourselves Extreme?” and have written many other articles that advocate for rights and equality for women physicians.


My other big passion in coaching is women in Leadership. I have held a number of leadership positions throughout my career: Chief of Staff, Medical Director, Chair of Resident Recruitment, Chair of The American Society of Anesthesiologists Committee on Women Anesthesiologists, to name but a few. I want to help more women break through both the patriarchal system and their own internalized limiting beliefs to help them become leaders in their workplaces and communities. The world needs more women in positions of power and I want to help them take their rightful seat at the table!




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