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Evidence-based Justification for Physician Coaching


Physician Well-being 2.0: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?

(Tait D. Shanafelt, MD)

Coaching for primary care physician well-being: A randomized trial and follow-up analysis

(AK McGonagleL SchwabN Yahanda, H DuskeyN GertzL PriorM Roy, G Kriegel)

Effect of a Professional Coaching Intervention on the Well-being and Distress of Physicians


(L N Dyrbye, MD, MHPE, T D Shanafelt, MD, P R Gill, EdD; et al)

Coaching for the Pediatric Anesthesiologist: Becoming our Best Selves

(J McElwrath Schwartz, E Wittkugel, S D Markowitz, J K Lee, N Deutsch)